Thursday, July 10, 2014

Business Lessons to learn from the Schlappe of Brazil:

1- Forget Your past successes it means NOTHING - It seemed that Brazil in 2014 has never heard of modern football lessons such as: Ball Control / Possession Game, Pressing, Overrun the opposition , strecht the opposition, etc...
Make sure you do not rely on the past, always learn and learn and learn

2- An Action Plan (GERMANY had one) will always prevail over Emotional Intelligence (BRAZIL only had that) - May be even the theory of Emotional Intelligence is simple a CHIMERA.  Emotional Intelligence has never been and will never be a KEY Success Factor for winning a battle in Sport and in Business.
No matter what you do: if you do not have an Action Plan, you are likely to be in BIG trouble.
Germany vs Brazil

3- Nothing is lost until it is really lost, always be patient, focus on the BIG POINTS in all your challenges. Brazil's panic after GERMANY scored its first goal in the 13th minutes was a revelation that they lost focus about what their business was: 90 minutes to win a game. They still had 80 minutes to go and there was no room for panic in the 13th minute but focus on their action plan (if they had any, but see 1, they had no action plan).

Patience and focus are critical factors to revert a negative course. Always think of buying yourself Time if you are in trouble. Then may be "all gonna be all right" to quote Bod Marley in "Three Little Birds"

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