Saturday, November 1, 2014

The most important quality of a good Sales Manager

Integrity - doing what you say you will do (DWYSYWD), whether it is convenient or not, and whether or not circumstances have changed since you committed to do it.
Goal setting, communicating the goals efficiently and effectively to the team, and empathy.
Understanding your people and understanding what drives them is key.

Positive reinforcement:

And this could be the only thing a sales manager need do, appreciate, applaud and reinforce even the small "right-things" people do well, which creates a positive culture; an atmosphere of support, accomplishment and feeling good about the things we do. 

And it need not be done all that often. The rest of the time, stay out of the way and let professional sales people work.
And if you feel the urge to do more, ask the top 20% who produce 80% of your sales how they can be better and/or better served by you and the company. 
Vision: A great Sales Manager must be able to see opportunity even when others do not

Role model:
He/she is a role model who possesses positive spirit and has an emotional intelligence to know how to lead and encourage his team. Being a fair player is also a characteristic, which gives a benefit to the team.