Friday, August 29, 2014

Is Leaving a Long-Term Job an Easy Decision? Why?

There’s always a real fear about money and the risk of leaving without another salary around the corner. Money concerns influence our decision to stay.
Here are a few suggestions for action if you’re itching to move on but fear the consequences:
1.     Get serious about getting out of there. If you want to start a business, stop talking about it and start doing it, either before or after work or during weekends.
2.     Save money. You would be nuts to quit without either some savings or the ability to freelance, or both.
3.     Believe in yourself and the skills you have gained on the job. When you’ve been in one place for a long time it’s easy to glaze over some of what you’ve learned. Don’t underestimate what you’ve achieved over the years, and how you can parlay that into a new business. If necessary ask others to remind you of those achievements. Have friends make sure your LinkedIn profile is saying everything it should.
4.     Use your relationships. Often that includes work relationships. This can make quitting tough. Your co-workers are not your family though. Don’t let the desire for comfort and continuity overcome the urge to make the leap.