Tuesday, March 22, 2016

10 Steps To Change the Corporate Culture

1-Identify the change goal/ reason:
First of all the change for change is not enough or even a reason , the change to be applicable should come from strong reasons or needs such as the macro change , or market change , merge , cost reduction , economical reasons etc… , and should be clear and full understanding from the decision makers in the organizations.
2. Understand the current culture
Before any action in changing the culture full understanding for the current change to identify what to keep from the current culture and what is needed to change and identify the gaps is a key to set the direction and actions needed.
How to change the Corporate culture

 3. Core and strategic purpose for the change should be clearly articulated in a way the employees can understand:
As the main purpose should be clear in few statement as a vision of the change should be clear and can any level of employees understand as a first step of believe.

4. Set Core organization Values, sell the positive vision:
Before start the actions the values should be set and determined from top management as frame of the needed action, and also the positive side of the change should be bold and to be the main title of selling the change to all levels.
 6. Engaging managers and the role modeling:
The vision and values of the new culture should be clear and engaged with the manager to start preparing them as role models and make them deeply believe in the change to make them act as change agents and role models.
 7. Organization development and leaders development is the core of change:
The leaders development is a key not only managers but also team leaders and supervisors or even informal leaders who can inspiring skills and big effect on the employees and develop their leadership skills to match the needed change, also the organization development is needed in OD or in restructuring. And make them involved in the change goals setting and consider their inputs in the needed action plan.
 8. The communication method is critical and also building trust:
The employees' involvement is a must so the communication methods and channels are vital to insure this involvement and the right delivery of the change values, visions, and needed actions, also the communication and its integrity is needed to build a trust such as meeting as town hall, or focus groups or wide conferences or leaders meetings and inspirational messages. And also to receive their feedback and make the interaction.
 9. You can manage what you can measure.
So the tangible measures are highly needed that can be made through change in the policies and procedures in the workplace to match the change , also the performance management change is a key to control the employees action and give the direction to the main goals.
 10. Finally Make change incentives:
The motivation any actions is an asset to support the change and encourage the employees to follow.